When Hardcore gets Soft – Shooting product for Eekoe

Well, I have to admit, I’ve know Chat Ottenbreit for about 9-10 years now.  We met in Vancouver, he was always getting tattooed, hanging out with crazy bands, travelling around with Warpped Tour and even NASCAR… so when I got an email to photograph some of his new products, I was stoked and excited to hear what he had planned.

“Socks” he said, “I need you to shoot some socks for me.”

These were not the words I ever expected to come out of his mouth.  Chad had gone off the deep end and was now pushing socks.  But what I didn’t know was the back story behind the socks and their revolutionary new material.

These are socks made of bamboo.  They are crazy soft… and best of all, they don’t stink like regular cotton socks do.  Serious.  I’ve had these socks on my feet for 3 days, working and riding my bike, and they don’t stink!

I’m not going to go on about them anymore… this is mainly a blog to show you a sample of my most recent product photography.  I know that most of you know me for my more creative portrait work and my fine art work… but we all have to go to work.  I’m just happy to have my work studio attached to my new home!

So here are some samples of my product photography.  Please keep me in mind if you are in need of some clean, professional product photography.

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