Vivid Photography Workshops in Nanaimo

I’m going to take a little break from my print sale posts to tell you all about some workshops that are coming up.

I was approached by Neil Gaudet from Vivid Photography Workhops during  Joe McNally’s last visit and was asked if I was interested in lecturing at their regional monthly Smug and also if wanted to do a few workshops in support of that visit.

I will be giving the lecture at their monthly Smug meeting on Wednesday, October 24th. This lecture will showcase organization in Lightroom 4 and it’s integrated publishing tool.  Lightroom is a necessary tool in digital photography and Adobe continues to increase the value of this program.  It’ll be a fun 3 hour lecture, bring a coffee and your thinking cap, and I’ll bring some info that I hope will blow you away!

In support of this lecture we have also planned two workshops.  The Small Strobes will be held on Thursday, October 25th.  This is a great workshop for anyone that would like to take their flash photography to the next level.  I’ll demonstrate the power and versatility of  small strobes and the magic of TTL flash as well as concepts in Manual flash mode.  For all information and registration details please check out their page at:  There are only 18 spots available, so please register quickly.

The second workshop, The New Nude will be held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (Oct 26th-28).  I am excited to bring my popular workshop over to Nanaimo and share my longest photographic passion with everyone.  We are looking into a few interesting locations that are going to help us produce some killer images.  I’ll be talking about my past work, different genres of nude work as well as tips on finding models and creating a portfolio.  This is the first ever nude workshop in Nanaimo, don’t miss this event!  Details and registration for this workshop will be up soon on:

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