Using you camera for GOOD and not EVIL – better pictures of people

Welcome to my presentation for the 2012 Northern Voice.  Last year I had the opportunity to speak with Morten, and this year I’ve been asked back again to participate in the PhotoCamp. This is a 2 hour chunk dedicated to the most important topics in regards to blogging, PHOTOGRAPHY!!

My presentation this year will cover some simple tips and tricks that can be used when photographing people.  These are some things that have not only helped in my own professional work but are simple for photographers of all levels to employ in their own photographic practices.  Seriously, the world is filled with enough awkward photos, it’s time to start some better habits.

Hanna making a 'camera face' for my Norther Voice presentation slideshow

Here are a few things that have I think will help, followed by a few treats with the assistance of the creative lighting system that most DSLR flash systems are capable of.

  1. Choose your lens wisely. Lenses change reality, try to create a nice one.
  2. Be aware of your framing. Zoom in and get close.
  3. Aperture. For me lower is better.
  4. Search for the best light.
  5. Flashes flashes flashes… we always need more light.

Below are a few samples of what happens when you ignore these tips.  These were taken during the Northern Voice convention at the W2.

Now, when we take into consideration some of the tips above, better results will follow. The following photos were taken during our presentation at the Northern Voice.  I was shooting the Nikon D3 tethered into Lighroom 4 and projecting the results live to the audience.  The final photos were then uploaded to Flickr using the integrated publishing service then added to this blog post by copying the URL of the photo on Flickr, therefore saving my database space and using their back-end.

AND thanks to my issues with tether… this is one of the only shots that worked out before my tether connection died!

I’d like to thank Morten for being such a great subject, as well as everyone that attended this lecture at Northern Voice 2012.  I’d also like to thank my fellow speakers, John Bielher & Ariane Colenbrander, and a big thanks to John for organizing the Photocamp, I hope to be a part of it again next year… I promise I’ll get the tether working by then!



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