The Winter Thaw

Do you ever feel like winter will never end?  That your brain and creativity has slowed with the drop in temperature (and here in Vancouver, the buckets of rain)?

I was walking out of the house the other morning to go and get some firewood when this scene stopped me in my tracks.  I ran back into the house to get the camera.  Taryn was wondering why I was in such a rush, she said, “can’t you just shoot that when you get back?”

Pictures are like frost, they don’t stay around for long.  You need to stop and take time to enjoy.  I’m glad I got this photo, it makes me reflect on a lot of things, changing of the seasons, fleeting moments and even our loss of innocence.  Photos can be therapeutic!

Did you get any photos this winter that saved a fleeting moment for the rest of your life?
Care to share your story?

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