The Hannas like to party!

Well here it is… high speed sync flash in action, capturing some great family moments. And yes, that is the flash off the camera, cuz it just plain looks better!

These are the two Hanna’s in my life. The first Hanna is my grandma. This is the best photo I think I’ve ever taken of her. She was laughing so hard and playing it up for the camera. It was awesome! My family has gotten so much better with my camera constantly in front of my face, and this is the only way to get these photos!

The second Hanna as most of you know is my beautiful daughter. She just turned 3 on Thursday and I can’t tell you just how kill the day was. Here is Hanna in some cool sunglasses that her Aunt Tina gave to her, and this honestly captures how she was the whole day, all smiles and sass!

For a full account of our trip thus far and a huge number of photos, please check out my wife’s entry on her blog:  “A Photographers Wife” (aka Fetus Panda) for a killer update!

Thank you Taryn for the beautiful family that started with Hanna’s smile just 3 years ago. I love you.



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