The Classy Side of Al Yeti Bones

I had a meeting with Dean from The Windsor Independent late last year and we talked about doing some projects together.  Just over month ago, while we were working on the video for the Gallery Series, I got a message from Dean asking me if I was interested in shooting a cover story for him with Al Yeti Bones.

It went something like this:
Screenshot 2016-03-02 14.39.24
Screenshot 2016-03-02 14.39.34

And with that, messages and ideas started flowing back and forth. I got in touch with Al and he seemed up for ideas I put out, but we all settled on one idea for the cover.

This was by far one of the more fun shoots I’ve been hire to do lately. It is great when the trust in each person on the team allows for creativity to flow.  Thanks to Dean for having trust in me to pull this idea off, and a big thanks to Al for being awesome and letting me add the yet unreleased CD to my Gypsy Chief Goliath collection, and for swallowing some blood in the name of art! 🙂


Please take a listen to Gypsy Chief Goliath on itunes while you enjoy reading The Windsor Independent – interview with Al Yeti Bones of Gypsy Chief Goliath

Thanks for reading! And if you are interested in the blood, leave a message in the comments 🙂


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