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Alan Hay – Strength Beyond Words

Sometimes I’m so impressed by a person’s strength and courage in the face adversity that the only thing I can do to understand, experience and honour them is to photograph them.  I’m not sure when this switch flipped in my … Continue reading

No More Shots!!

I called my mother this morning, she was just getting out of a check up with her doctor in London, Ontario. She picked up the phoned and sounded a little shaky, I was a little nervous to hear the news. … Continue reading

My Mom’s Remarkable Recovery

Well it wasn’t an easy road, but it has been a road of recovery that has been pretty smooth. My mother left the hospital on Saturday, 3 days earlier than expected. Her Doctors and Nurses were amazed by her progress and let her go. This is a slideshow that shares my 5 day experience. Continue reading

Day 3

Day 3. It’s a hard day. Everything went well with the surgery, but now there’s a little fluid built up around her heart. She’s not feeling like herself, quite dizzy, no joking around, not even the occasional F bomb. I’ve … Continue reading

Mom Update

Well it’s been 48 hours since my Mom’s surgery. Things are still running smooth, but having no food or coffee is really starting to get on her nerves. Today, Saturday, she got up for a little bit and say in … Continue reading