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The Hannas like to party!

These are the two Hanna’s in my life. The first Hanna is my grandma. This is the best photo I think I’ve ever taken of her. She was laughing so hard and playing it up for the camera. It was awesome! My family has gotten so much better with my camera constantly in front of my face, and this is the only way to get these photos! Continue reading

Free PhotoWalks!!!

In support of my teaching tour of south western Ontario and eastern parts of Newfoundland, I’ll be hosting a few PhotoWalks to share passion and knowledge of photography to photographers of ALL levels. I’ve just booked in PhotoWalks for: Vancouver, … Continue reading

Leaving on a jet plane

I’ve packed my camera and one lens (thanks to Loren for the 35mm) and I’m excited and nervous about the photographs that might come from this trip. I know the camera will be my crutch I just hope the images will prove to be as therapeutic. Continue reading

Homeward Bound

It’s hard to think about leaving all my girls for 6 days. Not waking up to Hanna singing Old MacDonald and Armenie stretching and grunting is going to be difficult, not to mention all the other fun little things I’m … Continue reading


Well this year came in with a bang. 3 minutes before midnight I began vomiting. …and not for the right reasons. And I’m still fighting to get healthy. I think I may have caught a little bug breathing the air recycled … Continue reading