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No More Shots!!

I called my mother this morning, she was just getting out of a check up with her doctor in London, Ontario. She picked up the phoned and sounded a little shaky, I was a little nervous to hear the news. … Continue reading

My Mom’s Remarkable Recovery

Well it wasn’t an easy road, but it has been a road of recovery that has been pretty smooth. My mother left the hospital on Saturday, 3 days earlier than expected. Her Doctors and Nurses were amazed by her progress and let her go. This is a slideshow that shares my 5 day experience. Continue reading

Day 3

Day 3. It’s a hard day. Everything went well with the surgery, but now there’s a little fluid built up around her heart. She’s not feeling like herself, quite dizzy, no joking around, not even the occasional F bomb. I’ve … Continue reading

Leaving on a jet plane

I’ve packed my camera and one lens (thanks to Loren for the 35mm) and I’m excited and nervous about the photographs that might come from this trip. I know the camera will be my crutch I just hope the images will prove to be as therapeutic. Continue reading