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On & Off Camera Flash – Nikon, Canon, Pentax

Last night was our first shooting class in our On & Off camera flash class. This class concentrates on use of the accessory flash (Nikon SB-910, Canon EX600, Pentax, Metz etc) usually off-camera in order to make better portraits. We … Continue reading

Skating with ‘the naked man’

As many of you know I work at Vancouver Photo Workshops, and we’ve been known to host some pretty famous photographers in our Masters Series Workshops.  This weekend we are lucky enough to have Greg Gorman with us.  Greg has shot … Continue reading

Great Uncle Jack

While visiting my family in Leamington, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to shoot a portrait of my Great Uncle Jack on at his farm. This is the same farm that he’s lived on since the 1930’s. He … Continue reading

No More Shots!!

I called my mother this morning, she was just getting out of a check up with her doctor in London, Ontario. She picked up the phoned and sounded a little shaky, I was a little nervous to hear the news. … Continue reading

Nikon V1 triggering SB900

So last night I thought to try and turn the little SB-N5 to Manual mode and not TTL, then set my SB-900 to SU-4 mode, and BINGO, it worked!
I can’t wait to see what this little camera is gonna look like with the SB-900 through the Joe McNally EZ-box from Lastolite. Continue reading