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Alexia Flux – 30in30 (NSFW)

I’m not sure what you look like in the mornings after a 12 hour night shift, but I am sure most of us don’t look this good.  And really, how many of us are going to meet up with a … Continue reading

Janna – 30 in 30 project (NSFW)

This shoot was all natural light, with a bit of reflector play, but no other light support. This made it a bit easier to move from shot to shot compared to some of the other shoots I’ve done. In fact, the next shoot that I did was totally opposite, all strobes out windows, but again, that’s for another post. Continue reading

Wendy 30 in 30 project (NSFW)

When I started this project I had a few things in mind for the shoots and for my sort of ‘interview’ that would go with the shoot but nothing would’ve prepared me for the session I had with Wendy. Photography … Continue reading

Saori Sloan – 30 in 30 project (NSFW)

Saori was great to work with. She laughed at me and told me I made her nervous as I moved around her room frantically trying to photograph her in a few different while constantly thinking about the time ticking away. Continue reading

Pennie Belle – 30 in 30 project (NSFW)

It is nice that in a small community of people, that even an “ex” would recommend someone to me and my project.  After I put my call out for models, a friend of my wife sent me a message hinting … Continue reading