Skating with ‘the naked man’

As many of you know I work at Vancouver Photo Workshops, and we’ve been known to host some pretty famous photographers in our Masters Series Workshops.  This weekend we are lucky enough to have Greg Gorman with us.  Greg has shot almost everyone from Hollywood and has created some of the worlds most memorable images of icons for movies and music.  I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with Greg and his model Jordan during their previous visits to Vancouver but this year was a little different.

I’ve never ever had the chance to shoot Jordan… We seem to have a habit of going skateboarding instead. So this year we decided to go out to Hastings Skate Park and enjoy a nice morning of skating mixed with a little photography.

Jordan is a pretty damn good skater!  At 22 years old he’s modelled and skated all over the world although he is better known for his modelling.  Actually he’s the poster boy for the Montreux Jazz Festival 2012.

In fact there’s a meme you should check out on Facebook, it’s pretty funny. Here’s a sample:

Anyway, we had a chance to go and skate so I figured I would bring my camera along. I watched Jordan skate for a bit and found some angles that would be nice. I took out my Nikon D3, the TTL cable and the SB-910 to try and get some nice high speed sync shots (18mm lens, ISO 500, F3.2 @ 1/8000sec).  To get the best position for the photos I found myself hanging over the lip of the bowl on my rib cage.

So here’s a few shots of Jordan skating and hopefully my photography does it some justice.  Also note: Jordan has an amazing model face despite the fact that these tricks are pretty hard and take the ‘tongue out’ kinda concentration.

Finally, I was a little creeped out by the guy that kept watching us… he was a little outta place!

Thanks to Jordan for the great skating, and making me feel my age!
I’m still sore! Look out 40, here I come!


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