Shooting, Bed of Stars

This is a story about how small, and how great the world can be.

The beginning of this story starts no where near Abbotsford or even Vancouver.  This story begins in Windsor Ontario.  Windsor is a city that is near and dear to my heart, and even after 15 years of being in Vancouver, Windsor still pumps through my veins.

Maybe not many of you know, but Windsor has an amazing music scene.  There are some big bands that have got their start in Windsor, specifically in the dingy basement at The Coach & Horses.  That small stage has been graced by the likes of The Tea Party & Big Sugar to name just two.

I met Nick Belius in that very club many years ago… probably going on 21 or so now.  Nick is an amazing guitarist and an old friend that I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with.  I was chatting music with Nick online the other week, sharing my stories about photographing Cobra Ramone for my 30 in 30 project and how I wanted to start shooting more music and do some fun creative work. He in turn told me about a guy he is currently playing guitar for during his eastern Canada shows.

“Evan Konrad.  His voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard!!  Think Radiohead/Jeff Buckley/Muse.”

So Nick put me in touch with Evan, better known as Bed of Stars, and got me on the guest list for his upcoming show at the Cellar in Vancouver.

Evan is an awesome guy and Bed of Stars is definitely worth a listen!  Evan was excited to have me come down and shoot the show and was even open to letting me do a few shots of him before the show which I was looking forward to.

I spent a few days leading up to the show listening to the new EP “I Fell in Love in the City” trying to think of how I would approach the shoot and the types of images I wanted create.  The music is great, dreamy but with a good backbone. I wanted something that would work with both of those things.

This is the best image that we created that night.

I was happy to get this shot, and this is how I got it… GEEK ALERT.
I brought along my Joe McNally soft box with a modifier inserted in the front to cut down the light.  This is pretty much my ‘go-to’ piece of equipment.  The camera and flash, also my usual set up, my Nikon D3, with an SB900 on camera as a master, and an SB910 in the soft box.  This shot was shot in manual exposure mode ISO1000, F5.6 @ 1/13th of second, the flash was in TTL with only group A firing with -1 FEC.

That night was a night of fun with the camera trying different techniques, pre-visualizing different outcomes.  It was nice to flex the brain in a slightly different way than when I’m shooting the 30 in 30 and other projects.

So for those of you that are still reading and about to enjoy the rest of the gallery, click this link, hit play and let it run in the background as you check out all the rest of the selects from that night. (then go back and buy the album)

I’d like to thank Evan and everyone in Bed of Stars (west and east) and The Cellar for letting me come in and shoot where ever I wanted.

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