The Silence Factory – CD release this SATURDAY

In just a little over 18 months I’ve had the opportunity to become good friends with a young musician, working with him on several projects, photoshoots, CD layouts, websites and even videos.  Nathan has always impressed me from his handle on his music, the simplicity with which he plays the guitar and his thought provoking lyrics. Nathan also has respect for his band members and other musicians that will more than likely help him solidify a long career in music, and I hope to be right there helping to capture it.

This weekend, Nathan McNevin and the Silence Factory will be releasing their first CD.  “Collection of Thoughts” was reviewed by The Windsor Independent and was very very well received.

“Impossibly infectious melodies. Lyrics that walk the delicate and unstable line of angst ridden diary scribblings…and raw, passionate poetry. This album is an emotional tilt-a-whirl of sound, drenched in adrenaline. Smeared with love, pain, lust, passion and possibly, the most important ingredient: unapologetic ego – but in such a natural way…so self-aware, without being self-conscious, it’s humble. If that makes ANY sense at all. – Dan McDonald

So I am finally happy to be able to present the final printed version of the CD:


Here’s a high res  version for all you music geeks that like reading liner notes!


If you’d like a copy of your own, or you just want to come out and check them out, support them during their release party, let me know, I have $10 tickets!
This Saturday, Feb 27th at the Old Walkerville Theatre… all the details can be found here:

On top of all the photo, design & web work I have been experimenting in video.  Nathan has also been the subject of my first ever music video as well as my most recent that I produced for The Windsor Independent’s Gallery Series.  So please, If you haven’t yet checked out the videos take a few minutes, let me know what you think.



Nathan McNevin & The Silence Factory accompanied by the Wiebe Family String Quartet.
Also with special guests El Mi Sho & the Hombres and The Autumn Kings!!

Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Doors are at 7:00 pm;
The Autumn Kings at 8:15 pm;
El Mi Sho and the Hombres at 9:00 pm
The Silence Factory hit the stage at 9:45 pm.

When Hardcore gets Soft – Shooting product for Eekoe

Well, I have to admit, I’ve know Chat Ottenbreit for about 9-10 years now.  We met in Vancouver, he was always getting tattooed, hanging out with crazy bands, travelling around with Warpped Tour and even NASCAR… so when I got an email to photograph some of his new products, I was stoked and excited to hear what he had planned.

“Socks” he said, “I need you to shoot some socks for me.”

These were not the words I ever expected to come out of his mouth.  Chad had gone off the deep end and was now pushing socks.  But what I didn’t know was the back story behind the socks and their revolutionary new material.

These are socks made of bamboo.  They are crazy soft… and best of all, they don’t stink like regular cotton socks do.  Serious.  I’ve had these socks on my feet for 3 days, working and riding my bike, and they don’t stink!

I’m not going to go on about them anymore… this is mainly a blog to show you a sample of my most recent product photography.  I know that most of you know me for my more creative portrait work and my fine art work… but we all have to go to work.  I’m just happy to have my work studio attached to my new home!

So here are some samples of my product photography.  Please keep me in mind if you are in need of some clean, professional product photography.

Messing around with my GoPro and Adobe Premiere

I felt the urge to mess around with some video editing yesterday.

All of the video was captured on my GoPro Hero 4 (thanks again to my family for an awesome birthday present).

Music by my old friends: LoDown
Socks: Eekoe

Thanks for watching!

Creating Images for Silex Canada’s Big Rebranding

It just happened to be a happy coincidence when I was contacted by Rosemary of Silex Canada a few weeks ago.  Rosemary was a student of mine at VPW and she reached out to me with photography job for the company she is working for.

Silex Canada does some crazy concrete restorations and building wraps, several of which dot the False Creek area as well Western Canada.  They are gearing up for a big rebranding of their company to show off their company and to help push them to a national level, and Rosemary contacted me to assist them in creating images for their upcoming website and brochure.

I’m always excited when jobs like this come along, ones that flex my brain and test my skills in a very short period of time. They were in need of several images, from their board members in a boardroom, to construction workers on the job.  They were also interested in highlighting some of the work they were doing in False Creek.

I’m not sure how many of you photograph architecture or buildings out there, but I find them a bit harder to work with than people. There’s no way to have a building step into the shade, or move a little to the left. It takes a lot of foot work to get you in the right place, and in this case, the right place just happened to be on top of a neighbouring building.


I was stoked to have got this image for them, as well as the 9 others that they’ve chosen to represent their company. This is no Joe McNally from the top of the Burj Khalifa, but for this guy who has a respectable fear of heights, it was awesome for me!!

Geek alert: This image was made using my Nikon D3, 24-70 f2.8 lens, and two Nikon Flashes (900+910) using the Nikon CLS. Final settings on this image are ISO200, F11, 1/800th of a second… gotta love High Speed Sync!

Please check out the full gallery of images here:

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Syx Returns to Vancouver for 2 Photography Workshops

Hello Vancouverites, I have heard your wows, read your emails, and heard all the voicemail (okay so it didn’t blow up my computer or phone or anything like that, but I got a few!)… so I am pleased to announce 2 workshops in Vancouver NEXT WEEK.

The word has been spreading quietly but now it is time to blow the lid off this, I will be offering 2 workshops with Vancouver Photo Workshops next weekend.  Taryn and I are luck enough to be hired to photograph a wedding in our old city, so this give me the opportunity to get back in front of eager students on the West Coast!

Off Camera Flash Photography
will take place Friday night & Saturday (June 5&6).  This workshop will help out anyone that is interested in utilizing their wireless flashes to the fullest and learn the skills to better your flash photography.
For more information and registration click this link.

One Day Lightroom Intensive will take place on Sunday the 7th.  This day will cover not only the amazing things that are offered to you in the newest release of Lightroom, but will also include a demo on what the new Creative Cloud subscription can do for your workflow.  This is the first time I’ll be teaching some of these tips and tricks and I can’t wait to see your jaws drop!
Click here for more information and registration.

Both of these workshops will be held at the new location of Vancouver Photo Workshops, and the first few registrations in each workshop receive a discount.

For those of you interested and not able to make those times are welcome to contact me personally for some One on One instruction.

Thanks for reading, and please help spread the word by using the buttons below!

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