Mike Doughty revisits Soul Coughing

You know what I liked about Soul Coughing… EVERYTHING.  I used to own a tattoo shop in Windsor, Ontario and it was on a regular (read daily) basis that Irresistible Bliss would play.  Steve Cole and I developed a very close relationship with these CD’s.

It was like candy for the ears.

Sounds and beats that weren’t heard before that created the need for more. That leads us to the voice behind it all, the man that has created lyrics that still resonate in my head today, Mike Doughty.  He was a genius, masterfully placing punctuated words together, creating images in my mind that I still have yet to understand or capture.

Mike Doughty has been a constant in my musical world, so you  bet I was pretty damn stoked when Mikala Taylor of Backstagerider.com granted me a press pass and I was able to capture Doughty’s latest incarnation.

This is one of my favorite shots of the evening.  It may not be the most technically perfect photo, but it captures a bit of Mike’s personality.

"Thanks" photo of Mike Doughty by Syx Langemann for Mikala Taylor and www.Backstagerider.com

“Thanks” photo of Mike Doughty by Syx Langemann for Mikala Taylor and www.Backstagerider.com

If you’d like to see more (30ish photos) from the night and read a killer post by Mikala, visit www.backstagerider.com


… and now for the geeky photo stuff about tonight.
If you aren’t interested in camera talk and tech talk, then please, click the link above and read an amazing article and check out more of my photos.  However, if you are a photographer, especially a live band photographer, you may want to read on and leave me a comment.

So, I was shooting the show and changed a lens over, took a shot and immediately saw this…
DSC_3925I was totally not happy.  A pit grew in my stomach thinking that my D3, which has been with me for a few years now, has reached the shutters limit.  I thought that I was for sure gonna have to fix something.  I shot a few more shots and the same thing appeared to varying degrees and it moved around the photo… so I started to look more closely at things.

I noticed that the stage lights weren’t actually the good old par cans that I was used to dealing with back in my day as a sound and lighting guy – that’s a whole other story, but yes, I did sound for bands for about 9 years before I moved to Vancouver.  I had the pleasure of working with bands like Sloan, The Tea Party, Queens of the Stone Age and even the P Funk Allstars, just to name a few of the bands that came through the doors of The Loop in Windsor where I worked.

But needless to say, I realized that the lights are actually LED spotlights, not the good old fashioned lights I was used to.  So then I start thinking that my shutter speed may be causing the issue.  I did have my ISO cranked, so I moved that down, which in turn moved my shutter speed slower and resolved the problem.  This is one of those problems that I wish I had learned earlier talking with guys like Drew Gurian or David Bergman instead of freaking out at a job.  But honestly, these lessons are the ones best learned through experience.  Now I’ll never forget, and it’s not just another useless fact that I’ve never had to use – therefore I forget it.

So has anyone else experienced this issue recently?  Does new stage lighting change the way you shoot?

I’m interested in your feedback, and thanks for reading the whole post, you guys rock!


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