Lightroom 5 Beta Released

I am stoked to see a new major update from Adobe with Lightroom 5!  If you have taken any of my classes at Vancouver Photo Workshops, you know how much I love this program.  It not only helps me streamline my workflow, but it makes editing and organizing fun.  Well they’ve up’d the ante with this update!

Lightroom 5 Beta

Lightroom 5 Beta

There are some cool new features in the Lightroom 5 beta.  There are changes to the Develop module and added functionality of the Book module.  However,  by far the best added feature is the ability to create ‘Smart Previews’.

Smart Previews will allow you to draw previews of your images that can be used in the ALL of the modules.  This means that you are able to edit and play with images even if the original file is not locally on your computer.

This is update is a huge game changer in the way that we will be able to use Lightroom!

Download Lightroom 5 beta here.

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Happy Lightrooming.


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