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Lightroom & Photoshop workshops with Syx LangemannThis month I’m offering introductions to two of the most useful programs available to digital photographers today.


These classes are offered two consecutive weekends starting with Lightroom June 14 & 15th and concludes with Photoshop June 21 & 22.

The workshops are offered separately, however, I think they are a great package!  Both of these classes are introductions to the programs, their tools and editing capabilities, their workspace and the customization of those workspaces, integration between the programs, and their ability to share your final product with the world in many different formats.

If you are newer to the either of the programs, this is for you!
If you are curious about how you can take advantage of the Creative Cloud, this is for you! If you have a huge mess of photos and you need to organize them, this is for you!!

If you’ve been shooting and hoarding images, now is the time to do something about it… Time is running out**

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INTRODUCTION TO LIGHTROOM w Syx Langemann at Vancouver Photo Workshops

INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOSHOP w Syx Langemann at Vancouver Photo Workshops





PLEASE NOTE: each student must bring their own Laptop or Computer with fully operational current versions of the program.  If you are on previous versions, most of the information will still apply to you, however you will not be able to take advantage of options available in the newer programs as well as the Creative Cloud.


**some of you may know, but I know that many of you don’t, so here it is…

At the end of August I will be relocating my family to Ontario to be closer to my family and to start Hanna in school (can’t believe she’s 5). 
This means that unfortunately regular rotations of my classes at Vancouver Photo Workshop will no longer be available.  However, I do hope to be back once or twice a year to offer some weekend specialties, but needless to say, we will be seeing more of each other through this computer screen. 

So, now that that is out there… the workshops I offer this summer will be the last ones for a bit, so sign up, pass them along to other photographers, because I guarantee it’s going to be a great weekend!


Don’t want to sit in a class?
Need to make leaps and bounds in your Lightroom Workflow??
I offer One-on-One private sessions, details here.

Thanks for reading.

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