In London with Katie

I was in Ontario visiting family the whole month of August. I had been shooting a lot of landscapes and family oriented stuff, I really needed to shoot some nude work, some work for BlackFrame.
I had put out a call for models on to see what might just pop up.
After sending this call to dozens of models, I finally made some solid plans to shoot Katie Ann, but there was a small hitch. The only time that we could work out to do this shoot was the final Sunday of my trip. The day that Taryn and I had to be in Kitchener for a family function. Kitchener is about 3 hours from where we were staying with my parents in Leamington. London was pretty much in the middle. So in order to make this shoot happen I decided to drive Taryn & Hanna to Kitchener, drive myself back to London, do the shoot, then drive back to Kitchener so that I could make the family dinner. This was a long day of driving, but well worth it.

Katie was a great model to work with. She opened her home to me for this very short shoot. She had great energy even though we were in familiar surroundings for her. We moved a few things around her house and played with a some flashes. In a short period of time we came up with some good looks.

I liked the sunlight that we were getting through the window. I took my Pentax flash upfront to allow me to balance for the ambient light, as well as get some light on Katie.



I pushed both the flashes I had with me into the wall in her bedroom to get this nice flat lighting. The white balance and colour treatment help with the feeling of the shot.



How can anyone resist sunlight through a window, especially with these curtians. I loved the light and the colour, and I didn’t have to do a thing!



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