From my visit to Nanaimo

Last month I traveled to Vancouver Island for a workshop at the new Vivid Photography Workshops located in Nanaimo. It was Vivid’s premier workshop and I was thrilled they invited me out to do a workshop. It was a great group in a cozy studio for 3 hours, with our amazing model Kim.

This was a pretty intense three-hour lighting demo.  We took the group from ambient light, two mixed lighting conditions, and finally to a multiple flash set up including gels.  I was projecting the results, so it was great to see everyone’s reaction as the shots came in and got better and better.

We started first explaining the quality of light. The difference between hard light and soft light and just how to get those.Vivid Photography Workshops Lighting Samples by Syx Langemann

We can even see by the look on Kim’s face that she’s happier in the soft light.

We moved pretty quickly to trying to balance ambient light with small strobes.  I was shooting with both an SB900 & 910 as a master and slave with the 900 on my Nikon D3.  I was using the Joe McNally Signature Trigrip as well as a Joe McNally Ezbox Soft Box.  Sometimes they were used alone, but in the final shots we started combining them for even softer light.

The following shot was a mixed lighting situation.  I used a CTO gel on the back flash to match the colour temp of the makeup lights in the background.  Therefore, the light that you are seeing on Kim is made only by small strobes.  I am dragging the shutter in order to bring in the background light.

Kim Warrington Butler - Vivid Photography Workshops - Small Strobes Workshop by Syx Langemann

Finally, I couldn’t help by try to get a great sexy beauty shot with only small strobes.  So this next photo is only small strobes, there is no ambient in this exposure.  I’m using diffusion as well as the softbox and a silver reflector bouncing the light back up toward the face.

This is a beauty shot of Kim Warrington Butler at the Vivid Photography Small Strobes workshop by Syx Langemann.

I had a great time in Nanaimo and  I’d like to thanks everyone from Vivid Photography Workshops, as well as all the participants, and a special thanks to Kim Warrington Butler for being a great model!

I can’t wait to return in the new year for more workshops with this group.

If you are on Vancouver Island around the Nanaimo area, you need to check these guys out!  They are more than welcoming and open to sharing their photographic experiences and knowledge.

Upcoming workshops:
Location Lighting with Syx Langemann – Feb 16th, 2013
Lightroom with Syx Langemann – Feb17th 2013

These workshops have been designed to work together as a 2 day package or can be purchased as single days so that you can learn what you need.

Connect with Vivid Photography Workshops on Facebook.
Information for all workshops are available on their Meetup page.


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