Dirtyphonics for Backstage Rider

Well, not every photoshoot is with nude models, and not every photoshoot works out as planned.

Mikala sent me a message a week or so back asking if I was interested in doing some photos for her.  It was a quartet of DJ’s on stage kicking out some serious drum and bass. In one of the clips I found on the good ole YouTube, they were mixing in some Metallica… so I totally had to photograph them.

We were planning with their PR people back in France to do a portrait shoot before the show.  That soon changed to nothing before the show, but backstage passes to photograph the show.  That turned into us waiting at will call for them to authorize the 2nd pass (mine) because there was only one on hold.

So upon entry, Mikala and I enjoyed a few drinks, then as Dirtyphonics was taking the stage, I tried my best to get backstage with my pass, but no luck.  So I was left to shoot in front of the stage between the stage and the barrier.  This is usually okay, however the decks were about 1/2 way back on another raiser on the stage.  In case you don’t know, I’m all of 5′ 7 1/2″, maybe a bit taller with my shoes, but I am no where near the giant I needed to be to get the shot.  (Note to other photographers, this may be when a monopod and a remote shutter release might work go give you some extra height.  But a monopod I did not have… so I had to the best I could).

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the shoot.  I think I would have also liked to have tried more with the 85 prime, but that’s all hindsight.

To see all the shots from Dirtyphonics, click the photo below and check out Mikala’s blog “Backstage Rider“.

dirtyphonics on backstage rider - photos by syx langemann

Thanks to Mikala for getting me out of the house on a Saturday night and buying drinks!!

And for the readers that enjoyed a little music instead of all the skin… stay tuned for two more band shoots from Saturday night before I met up with Mikala!


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