Creating Images for Silex Canada’s Big Rebranding

It just happened to be a happy coincidence when I was contacted by Rosemary of Silex Canada a few weeks ago.  Rosemary was a student of mine at VPW and she reached out to me with photography job for the company she is working for.

Silex Canada does some crazy concrete restorations and building wraps, several of which dot the False Creek area as well Western Canada.  They are gearing up for a big rebranding of their company to show off their company and to help push them to a national level, and Rosemary contacted me to assist them in creating images for their upcoming website and brochure.

I’m always excited when jobs like this come along, ones that flex my brain and test my skills in a very short period of time. They were in need of several images, from their board members in a boardroom, to construction workers on the job.  They were also interested in highlighting some of the work they were doing in False Creek.

I love to shoot buildings and animals, and I do a special service of doing pet portraits or architectural and turn them into oil paintings, they are awesome and very popular ! I’m not sure how many of you photograph architecture or buildings out there, but I find them a bit harder to work with than people. There’s no way to  have a building step into the shade, or move a little to the left. It takes a lot of foot work to get you in the right place, and in this case, the right place just happened to be on top of a neighbouring building.


I was stoked to have got this image for them, as well as the 9 others that they’ve chosen to represent their company. This is no Joe McNally from the top of the Burj Khalifa, but for this guy who has a respectable fear of heights, it was awesome for me!!

Geek alert: This image was made using my Nikon D3, 24-70 f2.8 lens, and two Nikon Flashes (900+910) using the Nikon CLS. Final settings on this image are ISO200, F11, 1/800th of a second… gotta love High Speed Sync!

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