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30in30 – Cobra Ramone – too much for Facebook

I was going through old 30in30 sessions and came across this one with musician Cobra Ramone.  Cobra was good friend of the best man in my wedding, they dated for a while, but ended up just being good friends… which … Continue reading

Barber & Co – the ongoing barbershop photo series

I’ve been going back and trying to catch up on some photos that I’ve been shooting for my own personal projects.  One of these is my series of Barbers and their shops. The guys (and gal) from Barber & Co … Continue reading

Tattoos and Portraits with Steve Cole of Ashlar Tattoo

I don’t feel like my portrait work or my blog would be complete without this entry. It’s not because Ashlar Tattoo is Squamish’s most amazing private tattoo shop, and not because Steve Cole is a great guy and a killer … Continue reading

Alexia Flux – 30in30 (NSFW)

I’m not sure what you look like in the mornings after a 12 hour night shift, but I am sure most of us don’t look this good.  And really, how many of us are going to meet up with a … Continue reading

Janna – 30 in 30 project (NSFW)

This shoot was all natural light, with a bit of reflector play, but no other light support. This made it a bit easier to move from shot to shot compared to some of the other shoots I’ve done. In fact, the next shoot that I did was totally opposite, all strobes out windows, but again, that’s for another post. Continue reading