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30in30 – Cobra Ramone – too much for Facebook

I was going through old 30in30 sessions and came across this one with musician Cobra Ramone.  Cobra was good friend of the best man in my wedding, they dated for a while, but ended up just being good friends… which … Continue reading

Portraits of Andy

It has been a few months since I posted a portrait from my recent series, and I thought today would be appropriate to post these today, after all, it’s his birthday. (well it’s tomorrow by he lives 1/2 way around … Continue reading

Video Photo Critique #01

Steven has been pretty involved in the local photo community and Milestone Photography Studio on meetup. He was recently in one of my flash workshops and produced some amazing images, but more recently he shared a photo that he created … Continue reading

The Silence Factory – CD release this SATURDAY

In just a little over 18 months I’ve had the opportunity to become good friends with a young musician, working with him on several projects, photoshoots, CD layouts, websites and even videos.  Nathan has always impressed me from his handle on his … Continue reading

When Hardcore gets Soft – Shooting product for Eekoe

Well, I have to admit, I’ve know Chat Ottenbreit for about 9-10 years now.  We met in Vancouver, he was always getting tattooed, hanging out with crazy bands, travelling around with Warpped Tour and even NASCAR… so when I got … Continue reading