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Lightroom – Advanced Exposure Adjustments, Collections and Virtual Copies

I received an email recently from a student with an interesting Lightroom workflow issue and I decided the best way to illustrate and show the answer was by a short video. In this short video I discuss: How to use both … Continue reading

Lightroom MOBILE?!

Adobe announced this week that a mobile app for your tablet is now available!!  I cant wait to play with this!!! On behalf of everyone on the Lightroom team, I am thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Lightroom mobile, … Continue reading

Shooting RAW + JPG? WHY??

I have been teaching Lightroom for a few years now and shooting digital for just over 10 years.  My workflow and habits have had to change because of the technology and the programs. One thing remains true all these years … Continue reading

Lightroom 5 Beta Released

I am stoked to see a new major update from Adobe with Lightroom 5!  If you have taken any of my classes at Vancouver Photo Workshops, you know how much I love this program.  It not only helps me streamline … Continue reading

Lightroom 4 Keyword Hierarchy & Exported Options

I was teaching my Lightroom 4 weekend intensive and I again came up against the same questions I always get, and I try to clarify. The main question here is how Lightroom deals with keywords and keyword hierarchy on export, … Continue reading