Barber & Co – the ongoing barbershop photo series

I’ve been going back and trying to catch up on some photos that I’ve been shooting for my own personal projects.  One of these is my series of Barbers and their shops.

The guys (and gal) from Barber & Co are not new to being in front of my camera.  In fact, they have offered up thier shop and themselves for some of my photography workshops.  So I kinda feel bad that these photos have taken so long to get out.

These photos were taken a few weeks before I left Vancouver.  I’ve had some of the best cuts at this shop (as well as some scotch) so I thought I would honour our time together with a little farwell shoot.

So here it is, six months or so late…

Thanks again to all they guys at the shop for the great times and the killer cuts.

If you or your friends know of any barbershops in the Windsor-Essex area worth photographing, please leave a comment!

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