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Sunday with Ian McKay

Yesterday I got the pleasure of photographing my friend Ian McKay for my practical location lighting class. We used a mixture of small strobe and battery packs for this shot. This was shot on the Nikon D3 with the 24-70mm … Continue reading vs

I have been working lately with 2 new websites that aid in the creation of a personal website that can act as your digital calling card. The two websites that I’ve joined and created profiles with are: Both … Continue reading

The McNally Bump

Well this morning I turned on my computer and went to read my stats for my webpage, it was there that I realized the power of the “McNally Bump”. My traffic went from a modest 15-20 viewers a day to … Continue reading

Tattoo.Body.Art gallery show

This past weekend the Tattoo.Body.Art exhibit was shown at the Performance Works Gallery on Granville Island. There was a pretty good turnout, a few tattoo world celebrities, Lyle Tuttle, Bill DeMichele & Bob Baxter as well as our local crowd … Continue reading

Hazy Monday

Things have calmed down a bit at the school and we are heading toward the holidays which gives both Taryn & I time to reflect on the good intentions we’ve had trying to dedicate time to things like photos, blogs, … Continue reading