Well this year came in with a bang.
3 minutes before midnight I began vomiting.
…and not for the right reasons.
And I’m still fighting to get healthy.
I think I may have caught a little bug breathing the air recycled from 200 other people on the plane home from our holiday in Ontario.

The beginning that trip was another kick in the pants. It seems we choose the most inopportune moment to try to fly into London Ontario. Some of you may recall the nasty snow squall that stranded motorists in their vehicles and dumped 3-4 feet of snow in a matter of 24 hours. Yeh, we flew right into that brewing mess.  So needless to say, our flight from Vancouver to Toronto went reasonably smooth, as smooth as traveling with a 19 month old can be.

We arrived in TO checked our connecting flight, all looked fine, so we grabbed some food.  After stuffing our bellies we packed up and headed to our gate only to find our flight cancelled, yes cancelled due to the weather. We were a little confused as there was not a snow flake in the sky or on the ground in Toronto, and my parents that live south of London also reported things being clear.  This then caused a chain of events that ended us in a hotel in London sharing a hotel room with my parents for the night after a 2.5 hour airporter van ride into this snowy mess.  My parents had only packed enough rye for 2 drinks each… it was a long night.

Seeing the family in Ontario was great. It couldn’t have been filled with more family!  They had planned a little reception for us in Wheatley since some family that couldn’t make it to our Vancouver shindig.  It was amazing to have a second day with a room filled with friends and family to help celebrate. My Aunt Janice, Uncle Gary, my cousin Tanya as well as Taryn and my Mom prepared a lot of the food. This is a picture I snapped of them making cabbage rolls.

(This was shot with all available light.)

The reception was a blast. Some very old friends made it out, some even surprised us with their presence.  Photos from this event will be posted will all our wedding photos, respectively on the www.syxandtaryn.com site.

After our reception we headed off for quick “Honeymoon”.  Taryn & I took off for the classic east coast honeymoon in Niagara Falls. We stayed one night in the Hilton, oooOOoo fancy, and one night on the couches in our friends basement. Life is all about balance. Both nights rocked!


Holy & Eric were great hosts, Eric even let me do a portrait of him. It was funny watching him sweat and fidget nervously in front of the camera.  Felt like I was shooting Banksy or something. All hooded and covert.  Taryn had a little impromptu lighting lesson about skip theory and snoots, a funny clip of it can be found here.
Eric has also got a great blog with a post about his experience “Camerashy Cobra”.

(This photo was taken with two flashes & ambient room light. The flash on the left is 3/4 CTO in a small softbox, the flash on the right is snooted with a  ‘to-go’ coffee cup – medium with no gel.  We moved a few things around to help the scene out a little, like the light on the computer table. It is needed to make sense of the warm flash on the left of his face. Also if you look close, there are 2 photos on his desktop which were taken by Taryn during the set up of the shoot. They were added in for a neat stalker twist to the photo.)

I really wanted to be shooting more while we were there, however the weather and the time of year (holidays and all) didn’t really offer us too much time. Below is a quick photo I took of my Grandmother playing with Hanna with Taryn in the background. Hanna loved this little Christmas bell thing my Grandma gave her.

(This photo was taken with good old natural light.)

I was also asked to shoot a wedding of an old high school friend while we were gone. Taryn helped me shoot this small wedding at Sprucewood Winery near my parents place. It was nice to get a little work in while I was away, and also cool to share in their day. Taryn and I made it our work that day to get a few killer shots, ones that we were stoked about. We are still working through them, so sorry, no pics.

We had a great time with everyone there, but it was nice to come back home to see our friends new baby. Chloe was born while we were away and Taryn & Hanna couldn’t wait to meet her. So the day after we returned to Vancouver we packed up our gear to visit Kevin, Phanie, Moses & Chloe. This is my favorite photo from the very quick session. (20 mth olds really don’t sit still & new born’s are camera shy). Phanie also has a great blog “Gang of Four” you should really check out.

(This photo was taken with 3/4 CTO in a small softbox held camera right by Taryn. I had to run around and turn lights on and off for a while before I found what I liked. I had planted a second flash Full CTO behind the couch, however I like the photos where I lost that flash because of recycle time.)

And that just about does it for all my photography in the last month. The new year hasn’t brought as much time for reflection & editing of 2010 projects, but I’m chipping away at them. I’ve got a lot of work to edit and prep for the upcoming Eros show at Photo Haus Gallery. Lots of work to finish up and get out there and a few fun projects on the horizon.

I’ll leave you with one last photo. This was taken on the last day of the year. Taryn used this in a recent blog post as well. Check her blog out, its got a great title “ A Photographer’s Wife” (awe ain’t that cute) check out her 365 project. This was used for her D3c 31st shot. It’s all straight up photography through a glass. I really like the effect.


More photos & news to come soon, stay tuned,

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