30in30 – Cobra Ramone – too much for Facebook

I was going through old 30in30 sessions and came across this one with musician Cobra Ramone.  Cobra was good friend of the best man in my wedding, they dated for a while, but ended up just being good friends… which is good, cause they are both rad people.

This was a session that was a bit out of the ordinary for me, I had mostly been approached by models and other women the that wanted to capture their moment in time.  However, Cobra was a musician, in the public eye, and really didn’t want to upset her Dad.

We had a great time shooting. Taryn joined me for this shoot, I think she may have had something to do with the scrabble letters 🙂

This is my favourite shot from the shoot:


You can see the whole set here:


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Portraits of Andy

It has been a few months since I posted a portrait from my recent series, and I thought today would be appropriate to post these today, after all, it’s his birthday. (well it’s tomorrow by he lives 1/2 way around the world, so it’s already tomorrow there… right?)
Andy is one of my oldest, best friends. I think we started skating and playing hockey together when we were 3 or 4 in Wheatley, Ontario.
He has been a hard friend to keep up with. He has an amazing life with his wife Lisa and their 3 boys, they’ve lived on several different continents while Andy followed his career as a teacher. He is now living in (and I may be wrong because it changes often) Singapore and is in charge of over a dozen international schools now. Not just a teacher anymore! He’s done pretty well for himself.
With both of us living in different cities around the world, it makes getting together extremely hard. These quick visits happen once every 3-5 years or so.
This visit was a little different than most. He had recently received some news about his heart and a crazy rare condition he has – he’s a few arteries short of a regular heart. Oddly enough, this is one of my friends that has pushed himself extremely hard in life, playing professional hockey in Europe, training and pushing his body beyond what most of us do. Basically, he has one hell of a strong artery, and his heart has done some extraordinary things given his condition.
So with this visit I couldn’t let this portrait pass, in fact, this was a chance GIVEN to us – one that might not have happened has his heart not been as strong and as stubborn as it has been his whole life.
So here is to you Newf and your amazing heart, love you buddy, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy a little scotch today, Cheers.

PS, I couldn’t resist sharing a few of his son Felix!

Video Photo Critique #01

Steven has been pretty involved in the local photo community and Milestone Photography Studio on meetup. He was recently in one of my flash workshops and produced some amazing images, but more recently he shared a photo that he created at another local photography event.
After working with Steven in my workshop, I knew that he was open to feedback, so I offered a little constructive criticism. He took the critique positively and produced a final image that blows the first image out of the water!!

It is amazing to see what constructive criticism can do for an image!

Please check out my little video critique and explanation of his edits.


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